The more things change. . .

The more they stay the same. Which is another way of saying always read the fine print, be prepared to zig when you really want to zag, and always do your research. In other words, today's post is going to be a bit of a hodge-podge of topics that I came across last night and... Continue Reading →

Cover Art Tool: MidJourney

I had first heard about this particular AI art tool a few weeks ago, but I've been aware of the useful things AI can do for an artist for some time. I've dabbled in a few programs, looked closely at one in particular (which needs a much more powerful graphics card than even my gaming-level... Continue Reading →

The Reluctant Publisher

I’ve been wearing my publisher’s hat for two weeks now. Editing, fixing the errors my beta readers find, as well as addressing their comments and questions. Formatting. Covers. (Why does it usually take me three covers to get them right. Or at least acceptable?) Front matter. Back matter. Ahh! Blurb, forgot the blurb again! And... Continue Reading →

Oh, My, Things Are Getting Interesting

Today's post is going to be a bit of a hodge-podge because several things caught my eye. So grab your morning cuppa, buckle up and prepare for a ride that will take you from upheavals in traditional publishing to cover art to the latest in my going-wide adventure. Don't say you haven't been warned. Let's... Continue Reading →

Book Cover Design: People

Of plots, and characters, and book cover design. That's what I'm thinking about. Dorothy Grant and I were working on the cover for her latest, and she suggested I use our conversation as a springboard for a MGC post. I'm always excited when Dorothy comes to me for a cover - this is the third... Continue Reading →

Cover Art: Fractals

I promised a cover post, and this is one. I'm not going to re-cover old ground (much) and talk about how the cover is not a representation of some exact scene from the book. The cover is meant to convey a sense of the book, to grab the reader's attention, to draw them in and... Continue Reading →

Re-Cover Time

Hello Everyone! I feel like we've done this before... If you, too, are feeling some deja-vu, no worries, I'm going to include a bunch of links here, so folks can catch up, and when we're all looking at the same vu, you can scroll past them. If you are an Indie, and even if you're... Continue Reading →

The Art of Design

I took a design course over the winter term, and there were some points we covered which I knew would be useful to the readers here. Design is not just for Graphic Designers, artists, and engineers. Indie authors can use the knowledge of what works (and what doesn't) to better plan and approve ideas for... Continue Reading →

Adding the Sizzle

There was an advertising saying somewhen, I don't recall where I first heard it, that you aren't selling the steak, you're selling the sizzle. Needless to say, making books smoke and sizzle isn't the way to sell them, but adding some polish is. To return to the metaphor I started exploring last week, of books... Continue Reading →

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