Walking the Plank

Today, I am a pirate, Arrr! where's my cutlass? You may be laughing (which was my intent), but I actually feel pretty badly about it. I accidentally bought two pirated books. I wasn't on a pirate site, I was on Amazon. I saw two Heinlein titles on sale, and I pounced on them as I'm... Continue Reading →

So much for fairness

I know I'm late but it's with good reason. I've spent much of the last 24 hours debating whether or not to write this particular post. I finally decided that I would because it points out yet again how so many of the so-called reviewers (and all too many vocal writers) are putting their politically... Continue Reading →

Where’s the Money, Pt. 2

Yesterday over at According to Hoyt, Sarah kindly posted a guest blog by yours truly asking "Where's the Money?". The post came out of reading Jim Hines' annual reporting of what he made as an author and the results of he 2014 Digital Book World and Writer’s Digest Survey. I won't rehash that blog other than... Continue Reading →

Work smart and think

Having finished the latest work in progress, I'm at that phase where my brain is still thinking about the project and the inner me -- that very insecure and scared writer -- is worrying as I wait to hear back from The Boss about whether or not she likes what I did. Other plots are... Continue Reading →

Publish or Perish or be Condemned?

I've had a hard time writing this blog today. It isn't that I couldn't think of anything to write about. Just the opposite, in fact. The problem is that I've had to decide if I want to give more traffic to a site because of a post that had enough people talking about it yesterday... Continue Reading →

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