Ah. Nostalgia

Ah, Nostalgia. It's not what it used to be, you know. When I were a lad we 'ad QUALITY nostalgia. Stuff that would stick to your ribs for weeks. This modern stuff... it's like a bowl of stewed prunes through a short grandmother, so to speak. But it's what we've got, now. The bespoke nostalgia... Continue Reading →

Why are the curtains blue?

Recently, I was trying to figure out who the original author was that was referenced in "the curtains are blue" story. I couldn't find it, but what I did find, to my surprise, were a number of angry ranting posts pushing back about how the readers don't understand that this is complete tripe and every... Continue Reading →

A lived-in world

I have recently had an alpha reader asking me details about something, and I ended up noting that yes, there's a whole larger reason and history that would build into why that detail was, "but that's another story for another time." Fortunately, the alpha reader didn't take this as reproof, but cheerfully noted that while... Continue Reading →

Ties that bind – and using them.

'If ye ha' been wa' I ha' been, ye wouldna be sae swankie-o' (The braes o' Killiekrankie) No, this is not about bondage or even zip-ties (It could be either, but they're just aspects. It's actually about common ground, shared experience, and how that works to bind us to people we have never met, and... Continue Reading →

Where did that come from?

Last night, when I should have been writing this post instead, I was finishing a chapter on what was supposed to be a short story but isn't anymore. At least I declared it a short after I'd given up on it being a scrap of a vignette that was unrelated to anything while I tried... Continue Reading →

Money flows toward the writer

A comment from an Indy writer on Twitter caught my attention. She had just got a quote for editing her book. $6500. Was this reasonable? I asked the question: did she have any real idea how much she was likely to earn from her book? (I was not being nasty and all of this was... Continue Reading →

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