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Consigned to Hell

It’s Tuesday, again. The last Tuesday of freedom, after which we here at Caer Dave will be bound once again to the iron wheel of the academic year. Rulers barking knuckles, cryptic and ominous notes home from the Instructors of the Young, the vacant stares of the Progeny and hiding in closets in the vain hope that the glowing-eyed, tow-headed monsters won’t- wait, that’s the wrong story.
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Lay of the Land

I love my people. And there are six adults, two children, and a malamute in my house right now, and I’m losing my mind just a shred or two faster than I would otherwise. Our neck of the woods starts school later than many others, and so Wee Dave and Wee-er Dave won’t be starting their respective classes until next week (and I’ve just realized they almost certainly aren’t ready, or rather, we aren’t ready for them to start) and they’ve got the End Of Summer antsy-ness going on. All of which are decidedly back-burner-ing the ol’ writing. Read more

Remembrances and Revelations

Mom and Pop Dave are arriving on the morrow, and Caer Dave is (mostly) ready. Fortunately, my ‘rents aren’t judgy, so the crud along the molding may stay there, and the bits of clutter, too. Kitchen’s clean, though, and my computer desk is back up (though now in the laundry roomoffice, my desktop is moved atop it, and I can *just* stretch my hand over and grab whiskey. Not that I’d do that while writing, whatever Hemingway says.
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Tuesday Fiction

I finished the beds this past weekend. Sanding. So much sanding. I think I could build a beach out of the sawdust from my sander. And then staining. And assembly. Disassembly and transport. Reassembly. A quick Home Despot run by Mrs. Dave to acquire more pocket screws and plywood for the bunk boards. Finally, the beds are assembled and installed, made, and sleepable. Half a pool noodle is working well to keep the Wee Horde from a surprise plummet during the hours of darkness. And they love them. Which means the toys are out of the laundry room and upstairs, and I’ll be setting up my computer desk in the near future. And the Great Garage Re-Org can move forward. Finally. Read more

Rude Awakening

Can I just say I’m really looking forward to school starting next month? Growing up, I always thought summer was a glorious time of play and adventure. I can’t help but think I drove my parents as nuts as the Wee Horde make me. Still, I’m managing to progress on projects, which’ll see write-ups elsewhere when the time comes. Regardless, here’s part two of what I started last week.
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The Long Fall

It’s Tuesday, and while that means I’m here, this Tuesday is not like other Tuesdays. My own stress is reaching a fever pitch. The Lesser Unknown is pissing me right off, and so are Wee Dave and Wee-er Dave. The usual sitter has appointments out of town, today, so my DARLING CHILDREN are spending their energy working to distract me from, well, anything productive. In addition, we had a long, full weekend full of good and (very) tiring things, and I’m fighting a headache and fatigue. So I’m going to try a thing, and see where it gets us.
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Tinfoil Fedora Time

Before I get to what’s useful for writing, I’d just like to ask the world to spin just a little slower. I could use a couple more hours in each day. I have projects to finish. The car need an oil change, as (probably) does the Valkyrie. And Mrs. Dave’s Jeep. The bedframes are coming together (hehe), but some of the boards need another shot with the sander, and then some stuff needs gluing and screwing (fun, but not fun-fun), and then staining, and I’ll need to acquire some plywood to support the new mattresses. I can almost taste the greater organization of having a clean laundry-room-slash-office. Read more