Out of the Strong

There are reasonable grounds to suspect I keep a vast anti-computer in my head, which devours diverse inputs and then reconstitutes them them all as unified garbage. There are reasonable grounds in in coffee-pots too. Still, in a bizarre way that's what I do. Occasionally out of the vastly disparate gunk I pour into my... Continue Reading →

Open floor

Good morning, everyone. Sarah asked me to put up an open floor today. She's feeling much better but the workshop is exhausting and she still has to get ready for it this morning. So, she won't be posting a new chapter but promises to try to double up next week. So, here's your chance to... Continue Reading →

Introductions and Philosophy

(This morning we welcome a new member to the MGC family. Cedar Sanderson is a woman of many talents and she has almost as many voices talking in her head, demanding their stories be written as we do -- well, maybe not as many as Sarah. Cedar will be doing Saturday posts for us. The... Continue Reading →

Back of the Envelope

Hi, everyone. You guys had quite a bit of fun tracking down the lost methane. We should do an open floor more often:) Quite a few years ago I worked for a geotechnical consulting firm. I’m a chemical engineer, and my work for these guys was all in the environmental area. Most of the engineers... Continue Reading →

Can you teach writing?

The question of whether writing is something that can even be taught has been kicking around writing/reading circles for ages.  I suspect the same happens in music and art circles, though I wouldn’t know it, because well… It’s like my writing Science Fiction/Fantasy, Mystery and Romance.  I might like all the genres equally but sf/f... Continue Reading →

Cities of Refuge

Hmm. It's interesting - as a writer who uses the realms of history as a source - how things have changed. As I've commented before, the Taliban are like kissing-cousins compared to the ancient Greeks, or indeed, the Jews of the Old Testament. And yet, while much has changed... those are our ancestors, the source... Continue Reading →

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