It’s Sunday morning and . . .

I overslept. And, before everyone thinks I've gone and committed coup here at MGC, I haven't. It's just that with LibertyCon this weekend, Sarah and I forgot to arrange for someone to guest blog. So, instead of having a dead day, here I am, trying desperately to figure out something to blog about. In the... Continue Reading →

A few thoughts and a snip

Before we get to the snippet, I want to thank everyone who came over to read and comment on my post Why?. That post was the result of my frustration as the mother of a son as well as of a writer. The mother-frustration was born of watching my son, who from an early age... Continue Reading →

Near-Future Fiction

Writing near-future SF or Fantasy can be a nerve-wracking experience. How do you portray your world in such a way that it seems futuristic and unique, but without falling into the bear-trap of predicting the wrong trends? In some senses, it’s impossible to avoid. Particularly if the story itself is driven by a unique SF idea... Continue Reading →

The Story of the Story

Amanda's post the other day did a terrible, terrible thing. Several, actually. For starters, when I get asked why, I'm usually torn between answering "Why not?" and going into deep epistemological analysis (damn you spell check I did NOT mean epidemiological). But the really terrible thing it did was start me thinking about the stories... Continue Reading →

The Break And The Healing

So, Judith Tarr has been doing a series of posts at Bookview Café which struck a deep and resonant chord in me.  One of them is The League Of Shattered Authors and the other one (calls itself) a post on the block, called Blocks and Breakage. I disagree with her characterization of the second.  I’ve... Continue Reading →


I was going to write a follow-up of sorts to Dave's post yesterday but just deleted it because it ranged well over the no-politics rule of the blog. Yes, I'm in that sort of a mood. It wasn't so much brought on by Dave's post -- and if you haven't read it already, go do... Continue Reading →

Shaping the world

I think sort of pear shaped, hanging from heaven (a la Colombus) and maybe a little over-ripe is the image that takes my fancy. Possibly with a few emerging maggots… truly, they will turn into gauzy winged creatures soon. Ah, you can tell I write fantasy. In a somewhat different metaphorical mold, it’s hard to... Continue Reading →

Some Saturday Morning Thoughts

Last Tuesday, I posted "Publish or Perish or be Condemned". For those of you who haven't read it, it was basically a post giving my take on someone else's condemnation of those of us who self-publish or publish through small and micro presses because we are, according to this person, killing literature. I wasn't the... Continue Reading →

Weird Orbits

Hi, everyone. I’ve been down with a dreaded flu this week, so I have not come up with a new post. In the mean time I thought you might be interested to read an older post on getting around the solar system with new orbital schemes. Enjoy. . . When I thought about getting somewhere... Continue Reading →

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