Photos and Social Media

Trying to track down photographs of the weekend at Genrecon and post them has made me realise how behind the curve I am on social media. Many writers were taking photos and posting them on twitter almost like a reflex action. Right on the spot in all of twenty seconds. In comparison, my efforts to... Continue Reading →

Thinking the Unthinkable

We humans are really good at walling off things we don't want to consider, and adding thorns, "here be dragons" signs, and assorted other warn-offs so we don't accidentally stray that way. What lives behind those walls are the unquestioned assumptions of a world-view - and it's a writer's business to get past the warning... Continue Reading →

Soft Books For Tough Times

When I’m not particularly happy, I can’t seem to read any new stuff.  Because books require emotional involvement and I am already “full up” on emotional involvement, I start drifting towards “comfortable” stuff.  This is normally stuff I’ve read before, so I know it ends well, or stuff that is like stuff I read before... Continue Reading →

Art Intersections

Hi, everyone. Yes I know I promised, but I still haven't managed to get the photos from the pistols and parasols ball at Genrecon onto the same computer so I can upload them. I will though - next week! In the mean time, having been laterally inspired by the convention last weekend, I have been... Continue Reading →

On being a statistic

I'm not quite a statistic yet, but I will be soon. Those of you who follow me on facebook know why: I was laid off on Monday. It's a strange feeling. My first reaction was the obvious one: "Oh crap. NOW what?" The one after that was: "I can sleep in." Says everything, doesn't it?... Continue Reading →

Open Floor

Sarah's at her remote computer today and is having problems accessing wordpress for some reason. So she's asked me to put up an open floor. This is your chance to discuss whatever you want to, as long as it has to do with publishing. The floor is now yours!

fanfic – good bad or indifferent?

As I suspect all of America is wrapped up in the who-will-grasp-the-poisoned-chalice fascination, I will probably have almost no readers for this. (Yes, I am sure many of you will be able to tell who should, and why, and how they'll detoxify it. Perhaps so. I'm a foreigner, and the subtleties of it all are... Continue Reading →

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