The world has gone insane

Well, maybe not, but it sure as heck feels that way. The regular news reads like someone accidentally plugged in the "weird and gross" channel, otherwise sensible people are advocating seriously stupid stuff, and... Oh. Right. Election season in the USA. I'm not American, although I live here. I watch the election shenanigans with a... Continue Reading →

Wild Wild Webs

by Sarah Hoyt This last weekend I saw no less than two posts, both by people I consider sensible and occasionally brilliant, deploring the freedom of association and freedom of expression on the web. Oh, that’s not what either of them thought he was deploring.  One of them bewilderingly taking off from what sounds like... Continue Reading →

Stand up, speak out and take control

Yesterday I had occasion to go to the local Barnes & Noble. I'll admit, I don't go there often. These days, when I do it is because I'm meeting someone there. Part of the reason is the decline in customer service. Part of it is the continuing decrease in the number of books in the... Continue Reading →

On sex, Cuttlefish and YA.

First off, here's the cover reveal for STEAM MOLE. It's an odd thing to say, but here I think the sequel story may be even better than original. Secondly I wanted to talk about sex. Or rather the lack of it. Actually, I have no objection to sex. I can't say it's why I read... Continue Reading →

Weird Creatures

by Chris McMahon I've always been inspired by nature, but when it comes to Fantasy creatures I have always let my imagination guide my inspirations. But there are creatures in nature that are at least - or sometimes perhaps more - bizarre than the ones created in Fantasy fiction. Why not study nature for inspiration?... Continue Reading →

The real reason I write

It's not just because I can't not write. No, every now and again, something like this comes along to smack me between the eyes with the unpalatable truth: I write because I'd make a godawful Dictator of the World. Seriously. It's a disease we oddlings are prone to. When you see patterns most people miss,... Continue Reading →

I Wanna be Evil

by Sarah HoytCrossposted at According To HoytYes, this is a variation on a theme.  Having told you how happy I am with Avengers’ heroes and with the idea of it as Human Wave, I must confess I find its villain... well...Now before you throw things at me, kindly remember I didn’t see any of the... Continue Reading →

Links of Interest

Today finds my head firmly wrapped around things none-writing related. For four years, my son has lived in the Corps of Cadets dorms at Texas A&M University. The Corps has been an integral part of his college life and is now, at least officially, over because -- despite the fact so many degree plans at... Continue Reading →


So I just turned in the second draft of THE STEAM-MOLE, and although it only grew by 1000 words and my editor called it 'tremendous' ( 🙂 Note for Amanda on the mysteries of traditional publishing. That is probably why us insecure authors still cling to traditional publishers. Sometimes the editor pats us on the... Continue Reading →

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