by Chris McMahon Reading a few new authors recently, I've realised how much of range there is in terms of dialogue. Some authors - including very successful ones - manage to get away with almost 60% dialogue in the text. Somehow I always feel that's cheating, but then again good dialogue is difficult to write.... Continue Reading →

The Fine Art of Character Torture

by Kate Paulk You've all heard it many times - if it's to be meaningful, your characters have to suffer. I've seen any number of wrong ways to do this, and so far only really found one right way. The wrong... well, it's worth going through some of them, simply because there are plenty of... Continue Reading →

Deaf and Blind

Yes, I’m doing a series of craft and "stupid things writers do to themselves" posts. Partly because as I am packing and getting ready to go to World Con I’m not reading as many field blogs as I should. Partly because for the last week I’ve been running into people who are – I think... Continue Reading →

Oh, you didn’t just write that!

by Amanda S. Green When I write these Sunday posts, I can usually tell if they are coming from the editor side of me or the writer side.  Every once in awhile, they come from the reader side.  Today's post comes from all of the above, but mostly from the reader side. A little background... Continue Reading →

Story Pace

by Chris McMahon I have been re-reading George RR Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series recently. On the first read I can recall being terribly frustrated by the lack of pace - and by how thin the progress of the storyline was stretched between the huge number of PoV characters. Talking to others I am not... Continue Reading →

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