One Year Later

By  Amanda S. Green I'm going to start off by admitting that I've been hard-pressed trying to figure out what to blog about today.  I've been working on a series of posts about the changing role of agents for more than a month.  Every time I think I'm ready to go with it, something happens... Continue Reading →

The Big Tabloid Divorce

So, here I was, trying to explain the reason I’m unagented, so that I wouldn’t have to answer a bunch of questions at Worldcon, and so that rumors couldn’t circulate that turned this into the big Hollywood divorce. Can you say "misfire"? Sure, I knew you could. All that’s lacking now to complete this circus... Continue Reading →

The Amazing Ever-Changing Yardstick!

by Chris McMahon Since I have been struggling for writing output this year due to a number of life challenges, I have been thinking a lot about judging what I do produce. The most common way to judge progress is to look at the word count, but this can be very misleading. For example, if you... Continue Reading →

The (Publishing) Times They Are Achanging

UPDATED 7/29/2011.  SEE BOTTOM OF POST FOR MORE. (Or Why I’m No Longer Agented) ... or I won’t be when the thirty days for contract expiration run out. First of all, because dropping one's  agent in publishing is a lot like a Hollywood divorce, particularly when you’ve been together for eight years, as Lucienne and I... Continue Reading →

Crossing Genres and Persevering

I'm doing a big girl squee at the moment. This is the cover for my new book, a paranormal crime set in Melbourne. I talk about  it here on my blog. What's nice about this book being accepted by new independent publishing house, ClanDestine Press, is that Lindy Cameron, the publisher, is an award winning... Continue Reading →


Once upon a time thieving bastiches would adulterate gold or silver with cheaper metal and then sell it off to the public as the real thing.  Somewhere in about the 13th century French Kings and presumably their subjects got tired of being shafted by merchants (after all shafting is noble prerogative, and if everyone was... Continue Reading →

So what happens now?

Unless you've been living under a rock or deep within a cave the last week or so, you've heard over and over again about the final demise of Borders Books.  Everyone seems to have their own opinion on what caused the once powerful bookseller to go under.  Fingers are pointed at the downturn in the... Continue Reading →

The Calvanni

by Chris McMahon The Calvanni, first book in the Jakirian Cycle, is up on the Naked Reader site!  It is available now as an electronic download, with the print version following next month. The Calvanni is an heroic fantasy adventure set on the world of Yos. The book is set thirty years after the fall of... Continue Reading →

Art Intersections

by Chris McMahon I'm over the moon about the new Calvanni cover - and the fact the book will soon go live on the Naked Reader site! It got me thinking about how different types of art can inspire each other. The first time I saw an illustration inspired by one of my stories I could hardly... Continue Reading →

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