>Happy New Year & Resolutions

>Happy New Year to everyone on this side of the international date line. It's going to be a another hot one here - probably around 30C (96F) and with the typical Brisbane humidity. Planning another day lounging around my pool (see left :)), and dozing off the effects of New Year's Eve. For those on... Continue Reading →

>A Different Dracula

>Vacation hath its perils, not least of which is that I forget what day it is... Sorry.So... Once again, my thoughts are running back to Prince Dracula, his life, and my alternate history version of it. Of course, that's helped by the fact that Naked Reader Press is releasing Impaler in first quarter 2011 (insert... Continue Reading →

>It’s Only Words

>It is one of the er... interesting aspects of a writing career that moments of heartbreak and the most fallow, dark years are inextricably linked to the moments when something clicks. Perhaps it’s true of life, anyway. Human beings are creatures of habit. If everything is going along fine – or even tolerably – nothing... Continue Reading →

>Awards …

>Okay, I'm going to start out with a blatant plug. The King's Bastard is on the ballot for the David Gemmell Award. If you enjoyed reading my book, please vote for it. Here's the link.So what is the David Gemmell award? According to the people who run it:The DGLA aims to:• Raise public awareness of... Continue Reading →

>Boxing Day

>It's the day after Christmas and all through my house, people are stirring....Hopefully, everyone has had a wonderful Christmas holiday so far. Due to a number of circumstances, some foreseen and other unforeseen, I haven't had time to pull together a post for today. I need to get ready for the next wave of Christmas... Continue Reading →

>Keeping the Faith

> I was listening to a recorded interview with coach John Wooden earlier in the week. I'm sure he is a familiar figure to US readers, but for those who do not know him, he is an American basketball player and coach, most famous for winning seven NCAA national championships in a row as the... Continue Reading →

>Are we there yet?

>So, another Thursday approacheth, and Kate sitteth upon her well-padded cushion to compose another scintillating Mad Genius Club post. Only... Kate sayeth unto herself "What now?" Or words to that effect.I actually had a post planned out and even pre-written, and then Rowena beat me to it. Meanwhile my brain is somewhere in the Caribbean... Continue Reading →

>Three Matches

>*This is the first time in a long time I forgot to post early. Sorry. It's particularly vexing since I meant to put up the free short story I wrote for the Knight Agency blog and which is also on my blog right now. It was supposed to be an article about our favorite holiday... Continue Reading →

>Bonus post from Rowena

>Angry Robot has opened to subs for one month.'The month of March 2011 will be Open Door Month at Angry Robot. The publisher has put together a dedicated team of readers, who will diligently work through every submission received. The best of these will be considered for publication by the Angry Robot editorial team.'Here's the... Continue Reading →

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