>Happy to be sad

>I am English but I write primarily for Americans. This has various consequences but one is that there is a major difference in the attitude to fictional entertainment.I first noticed it many years ago when we started to get American soaps such as Dallas and Dysentery. British soaps are about poor people and usually have... Continue Reading →

>Tense Moments

>I'm no grammar expert. That sort of thing is instinctive for me, and I usually feel my way through a sentence. As for the grammar grey areas well . . .I recently came across a bit of a tangle that was a little hard to resolve. A nice reader pointed out there were errors in... Continue Reading →

>Making the light bulb go on

>And no, I don't mean the one Sarah shoved in Cthulhu's fundamental orifice - assuming Elder Gods actually have such mundane biology. Well, unless it went all the way up so his eyes light up. I guess then he'd really wave those tentacles.What I'm really talking about is communication. When you strip it down to... Continue Reading →

>Like Cthulhu’s light bulb

>Tying in with my own post last week and with Rowena’s this week – how complex is complex? When do you know you’ve left your intended audience miles behind?My older son is starting college this year. The college has what can only be described as a "filler class" called "freshman seminar" destined to teach the... Continue Reading →

>You know you’re a writer, when …

>photo courtesy alexkerheadSomething happened the other day that made me think about writing and how integral it is to our lives.You know you're a writer:When you recall your childhood and adolescent by the books you were reading and the authors you discovered.When life altering events happen and you catch yourself thinking, I must remember how... Continue Reading →

>Sticky points

>Kate, pick your mind back up out of the gutter! I meant points in the writing when you stick tighter than a plump gent superglued onto a toilet seat. The point at which writing at all seems futile, and what you've already done feels like a waste of effort. I have two or three of... Continue Reading →

>Sunday Links and Observations

>The last several weeks have seen us blogging about ebooks and e-publishing, e-socialization, promoting our work, and when to break the rules, among other things. So today I've pulled together some related links.In case you haven't heard, Sony announced last month that they would support the ePub standard on its e-book readers. This opens up... Continue Reading →

>Human Nature

>When I was a young man back in the seventies there was a consensus among the chattering classes that human behaviour was almost solely a product of 'society'. I recall wondering what society was a product of even as a callow schoolboy.This was a comforting social paradigm because it meant that all problems could be... Continue Reading →

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