Build Your Own Writing Block

I enjoy reading Kristine Kathryn Rusch's business blog posts, when I have the chance. They aren't always pertinent to me, and are often quite lengthy, but worth following. The quieter half of that partnership, Dean Wesley Smith, is more focused on other things, it seems, but when I see a new post from him I... Continue Reading →

Titling Block

I've written a story I plan to publish. Like... soon. Before Halloween. It's got the perfect theme for it, being a story set in a cemetery. It's a funny story... not the actual story, but the story of how I came to write it. My youngest daughter (not my youngest child, that's the boy) has... Continue Reading →

No One Right Way

In the open floor last week, a thread developed on how to tell if that idea you have is a story or a kumquat. There was discussion about how to develop the idea, writing, etc. I want to thank everyone who commented and talked about their process. One thing became clear reading the thread, everyone... Continue Reading →

Banjo Fantasy

I've been meaning to write about this for some time, but this last week I was reminded I hadn't done it yet. Oops? I got distracted? So what, you may be asking, is banjo fantasy? Are there musical instruments and sprightly tunes? Not... always. There could be, sure. Or it could be a reference to... Continue Reading →

Say What? (Updated)

This post originally appeared on MGC in Feb. 2017. I'm repeating it here, along with additional comments, because I heard a trad published author saying much the same thing not long ago.--ASG In one of my rare breaks from the keyboard yesterday, I went wandering around the internet in search of inspiration for today‚Äôs post.... Continue Reading →

We Want to Hear From You, Pt. 2

I don't usually continue these sorts of posts but we had some good discussion going on Sunday and I'd like to see where it goes. I've started compiling the recommendations already made and, in one case, responded. I'll expand on the response later in this post. Most of the comments left Sunday had to do... Continue Reading →

What is long enough?

Thanks to Sarah for filling in for me yesterday. Family always takes precedence over blogging and my son is home on leave. This morning, as I was talking with Kilted Dave about what to blog about, I came across a post from an author wondering if they should change how they write. No, they weren't... Continue Reading →

Planning Ahead

There was a time when I never knew what my next writing project was going to be. Writing was something I did in the privacy of my room, never intending for anyone to see it. Even when I started getting serious about my writing, I was more of a pantser, even when it came to... Continue Reading →

Trendy Trendsetters, All

There are trends, and then there are trends. Look at it this way: you could be trendy and buy jeans with fake dirt on them, for $425. Frankly, I raised an eyebrow when I first saw this go viral, because it's an interesting psychological study. We are, culturally, fetishizing the working man. Think about it.... Continue Reading →

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