Writing the Future

Science fiction is the art of taking what is known and extrapolating it into the future (or past, or space, or other dimensions. Whatever.) And then seeing how humans adapt to it. Space Travel, Computers, Mobile Phones, Satellites. Fiction turned into reality, or close enough. I just reluctantly gave up on my flip phone/Star Trek... Continue Reading →

I Confess

I'm at a bit of a loss for what to call this chapter. It may actually be only the first part. I'm ... writing something serially is weird, and full of ... It requires a certain Semper Gumbi attitude. Which is no doubt good for me. Anyway, Mrs. Dave's schedule has changed, yet again. It's... Continue Reading →

Shot in the Dark

Things are gettin’ weird, y’all. Mostly, it’s the very air of normalcy with which my fellow Americans are going about this thing that’s making me twitchy. That and the sheer amount of Things which I am accomplishing. Writing not among them. This is actually the first time I’ve managed to sit down since last week.... Continue Reading →

It’s Just Sparkling Isolation

Quarantine Day #1 – Fires rage out of control. The TPocalypse has left countless dead in the streets, their backsides unclean. Your grandmother was right: you should have put on clean drawers this morning. Rice and beans have climbed in price, and we’re prying the silver out of our own fillings, just to eat. Darkness... Continue Reading →

Helping Hand

It's a day. It's already been a day. And a week. A month. A year. I know several folks who are definitely nonplussed by 2020. In another week or so, I fully expect most of my circles to be downright vexed. It's proving to be ... fraught. Most fraught. Of course, when things are fraught,... Continue Reading →

Up and Out

Happy Tuesday to all you fine sophonts! After the Snowmageddon of last week (seriously, two full snow days, and two 2-hour delays), and then - and then!! - a blasted holiday weekend, I'm finally getting into restoring my poor, shattered and tattered routines. On the upside, I'm managing to get traction toward a renewed work-out... Continue Reading →

Deep Down

It’s the time of year, again, where the amount of things doesn’t really fit into the time allotted for them. For us, we’ve had Mrs. Dave’s ‘rents here for the last few days. It’s been great to have other eyes on the Wee Horde, and they all enjoyed it, too. My brain took enough of... Continue Reading →

Liquid Light

I don’t have anything clever today. This week has been a rough one, with a good bit in the way of sleep disturbances, courtesy of the Wee Horde and Uncle Sam, and us all unrecovered from Thanksgiving Break, too. Fortunately, Mrs. Dave’s parents will be joining us for a visit, and extra hands to mind... Continue Reading →

Drowning Mind

Here, we go. It’s Tuesday, and the Wee Horde are on Thanksgiving Break as of this afternoon. I’m not enormously thrilled by this development. I just barely survived the last five day weekend, and I’ve developed some delightful upper respiratory crud recently. While I’m hitting it with a full court press (minus prescription antibiotics, which... Continue Reading →


Is not the title of what I’m doing here. That’s the chapter title, as I hope will become clear. I’m … well, we have two more weeks until Mommy gets home, so unless I manage to get my feet under me, it’ll be about three to four weeks until I have anything like a groove... Continue Reading →

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