DOJ vs Randy Penguin Soap Opera Continues

It's going to be a while before we hear the final verdict--and probable appeals--in the tale of Penguin Random House's desire to "merge" with Simon & Schuster. What we're getting in the meantime is a ringside seat to the lengths those folks at Randy Penguin and their hand-picked editors and agents (yes, agents) will go... Continue Reading →

Odds and Ends and In-betweens

Lots going on in the world of books and publishing right now. Because of that, I'm going to throw some things out here and would like to know your thoughts on it. That's the short version of what today's post is all about. The longer version is my brain is fried and I'm stressed and... Continue Reading →

Bob Honey: A Cautionary Tale

There was a time when I wanted nothing more than to sign a publishing contract with a traditional publisher. I would have sold my soul, or come close to it, for that opportunity. Over the years, as I did more research into the publishing industry and as more opportunities for indie publishing became available, that... Continue Reading →

Choppy water ahead

Sometime in the last week, I came across a blog post where someone talked about going into a newly opened Barnes & Noble and how surprised they were by what they found. The store had opened in the space once occupied by a Borders, iirc, and the blogger had had high hopes for the new... Continue Reading →

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