Help! There’s Religion in my Story!

It's OK. Deities happen to the best of us. There you are, standing by the corner of your desk, minding your own business, when ZOT! a character gets religion. Oh dear. How awkward. Now what? For a while, science fiction in particular was supposed to be faith-free. Oh, the character might use a deity name... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Thoughts

This morning, I went trolling the internet looking for inspiration for today's post. I could write again about going wide but I'd like to hold off on that while I collect some data. (Although I will add a note near the bottom of today's post about my impressions two weeks after starting the process of... Continue Reading →

MICE is Nice: Milieu Novels

Novels can be described as milieu, idea, character, or event novels. What is driving the story? One of those four, with a blend of the others. Most novels are not 90% one and 10% the rest, but varying blends of all of them. Today I want to look at milieu novels, and see how they... Continue Reading →

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