Stir the Pot

I don't like to stir the pot. Primarily because I've discovered that the best slow cooker involves a pressure cooker and only 20 minutes! But today I'm definitely stirring the pot with a big ol' wooden spoon (we ran out of wooden assterisks, sorry) because Worldcon just went and jumped the shark. If you're a... Continue Reading →


It has been quite some time since I have felt the need to rip apart someone else's blog post. Well, except when it comes to politics. Usually, I can step away from a blog I don't agree with, telling myself that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. However, yesterday my attention was... Continue Reading →

All hail the Dragon!

Thanks to Amanda for getting this post online for me. I had thought that, with the passing of the Hugo Awards, that the sh*tstorm would have dissipated as my fellow fans flock to the Peachtree State to revel in the glorious chaos and beauty of Dragoncon but alas, I was sorely mistake. Twitter, Facebook, even... Continue Reading →

Cranky Writer is, well, cranky

When I went to bed last night, I knew exactly (kind of, sort of) what I was going to write about this morning. It was a toss-up between a post on some comments about the cover of Black Tide Rising, an anthology based on John Ringo's  series of books, and a response to an article... Continue Reading →

Offer? What Offer?

Reblogged from Sad Puppies 4 Written by Kate Paulk  I’ve heard through the Internet (all right, Facebook) that someone who fancies himself a big shot in the field has “offered” to stop claiming Sad Puppies 4 is all things evil in return for a few “reasonable concessions” on our part. Since the person in question... Continue Reading →

A rebel I came…

Van Diemen's land is a hell for a man To end out his whole life in slavery Where the climate is raw and the gun makes the law Neither wind nor rain care for bravery Twenty years have gone by, I've ended my bond My comrades’ ghosts walk behind me A rebel I came -... Continue Reading →

Dear Tor

Guest post by Jonathan LaForce As anybody who knows me will tell you, I like reading.  It's been a life-long pleasure of mine. Someday I hope to have my own private library where I can sit and relax and write to my heart's content. Something with a fireplace and a real leather chair, and an... Continue Reading →

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