Rules to Live By?

I’m tired. Seriously tired. Like, what are those things on the ends of my, whaddaya call ‘em? Limbs? Legs? No, those are arms. Fingers. That’s what I was thinking. That kinda tired. There are reasons for it, of course (I mean, I *always* have reasons; that’s how a good villain operates, after all). Foremost, I’m... Continue Reading →

Rules are made to be broken

Once upon a time, long, long ago, I packed my bags and went traipsing down I-35 to Baylor University. I was a bright-eyed freshman, looking forward to living away from home for the first time. The college of my choice had accepted me and the future awaited. I couldn't wait. I was lucky, although I... Continue Reading →

He said what?

Anyone who has been a long time follower of the blog knows that we don't believe that there is any one "right" way to write. Everyone's process is different and, if you're like me, that process changes from project to project. So, when I came across this post by best selling author John Grisham, I... Continue Reading →

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