The delusions continue

Traditional publishers, especially the Big 5, have been dragging their heels, not to mention kicking and screaming in protest, from the moment the first e-book appeared on the scenes. For years, however, they knew they had nothing to really worry about when it came to the new format. After all, even though it was cheaper... Continue Reading →

Of pricing and release dates

I don't know a single indie author who doesn't wish there was a handbook out there that was constantly kept up-to-date with information about formatting, blurbs, promotion, when to release your books and pricing. The best we can do is watch trends and be ready to adapt not only when necessary but as quickly as... Continue Reading →

The Blinders are Still in Place

Ten years. That is approximately how long it's been since Amazon first allowed the infidels to dip their toes into the sacred waters of publishing. ¬†From the beginning, traditional publishing has taken a two-pronged attack against not only indies but readers. They have told us that e-books were a passing fad, something that wouldn't last.... Continue Reading →

Okay, it’s time to wake up

I've sat down several times to write today's post and each time I find my fingers poised above the keyboard and I know what I want to write. Then it disappears and I find myself once again wondering at a comment I saw in a private group this morning. It was one of those messages... Continue Reading →

Publishers, you need to hear this

It continues to amaze me that now, years after e-books became a viable alternative to printed books, we are still having discussions about e-book pricing. When you look at what the Big 5 are saying about e-book sales vs what you see in the Author Earnings reports, you have to ask if they are operating... Continue Reading →

What Price E-Books

No, this isn't a rehash of the agency pricing debate -- or should I say debacle? -- that is still wending its way through the courts. This is more a warning that there is now someone out there who the legacy publishers will simply adore, if they don't already. Someone who says two things those... Continue Reading →

How much for the liddle book?

Or the mathematics of selling your literary children for a living. There may be authors out there to whom writing is just a job, and the book or story, once done, is no more than any other production line item. But for the vast majority of us, those words are precious. So precious and perfect... Continue Reading →

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