It’s Life, According to Plan

Nothing goes according to plan. I think we've all had a book we were reading, where things went too smoothly, and you either went 'meh.' Or you started side-eyeing the plot wondering when the other shoe was going to drop. I mean - I also do this in real life. When things are going great,... Continue Reading →

Adjustments to the Plan

You know, this is a good thing. What? Why is your post being late good, Cedar? Well, for one it means I slept more than six hours last night, for the first time since starting the new job. Given that short sleep makes me more likely to get sick, this is a very good thing.... Continue Reading →

Plan C

Last week, I was talking about making plans. I was also being a bit vague, as I was not yet ready to make a big announcement about the plans. This week, the cat's been out of the bag a while! We are moving to the Dallas Texas area. Planning for this was interesting, as I... Continue Reading →

Let’s Plan Ahead

I was talking with friends (which is in and of itself a really nice thing to be able to do. Real humans! Live! In person, with hugging and everything.) about plans. My plans, my son’s plan for his life... which is a great plan, but as I was pointing out, when you are not-quite sixteen,... Continue Reading →

But That’s Not What I Wanted

Life in Fortress Dave proceeds apace. Like usual. Wee Dave was remanded into my care when his teachers wouldn’t have him in class anymore, ever, for a few days at least. Of course, they refused to have anybody in class, so he’s no more special than he was, but Writing Time turned into Man Time... Continue Reading →

Planning Ahead

There was a time when I never knew what my next writing project was going to be. Writing was something I did in the privacy of my room, never intending for anyone to see it. Even when I started getting serious about my writing, I was more of a pantser, even when it came to... Continue Reading →

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