Yesterday I Did Not Write

I had been writing every day this month. Not a lot, some days. Looking at my tracking, I've ranged from 12 words, up to 3989 just a couple of days ago. Mostly, though, it's been two-digit days. Last night? My day went from a good day, wrapping up the week with getting away from work... Continue Reading →

No One Right Way

In the open floor last week, a thread developed on how to tell if that idea you have is a story or a kumquat. There was discussion about how to develop the idea, writing, etc. I want to thank everyone who commented and talked about their process. One thing became clear reading the thread, everyone... Continue Reading →

Psst… Wanna Idea?

The age-old question for the writer of 'where do you get your ideas?' can be a little confusing for some of us. My problem is more like 'I have too many ideas. Want one?' and the First Reader always has some on tap (to which I often respond, well, then, you write it) because although... Continue Reading →

Trendy Trendsetters, All

There are trends, and then there are trends. Look at it this way: you could be trendy and buy jeans with fake dirt on them, for $425. Frankly, I raised an eyebrow when I first saw this go viral, because it's an interesting psychological study. We are, culturally, fetishizing the working man. Think about it.... Continue Reading →


I've had a series of conversations I took part in this week, and in them answered, or helped answer, some questions that I thought applicable enough to repeat them here. Writing, publishing, cover art... it's all fodder for the blog, right? I had a conversation the other day with a friend who is also a... Continue Reading →

What goes where

Umpteen gazillion years ago - or at least it feels that way - I read a truly horrendous excuse for a work of fiction. Mercifully I no longer remember even the title of the thing, but I do remember the result: I thought, "the stories I tell myself are better than that" (they weren't. Probably)... Continue Reading →

Bonfire, anyone?

Most of you know that I've been working on a novel that attacked me about six weeks ago. Yes, attacked is the correct verb because that is exactly what it did. At the time, I was almost 50,000 words into a suspense novel I'd been working on -- and was late delivering -- and had... Continue Reading →

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