Publishing series

Long series, foreshadowing and all those pesky details . . . The subject came up, I think on facebook, about whether an Indie writer/publisher should publish each book as it was finished, or wait until the whole series was done, Then publish them on a fairly close schedule. And I’m like . . . finished?... Continue Reading →

Forging ahead

It's All a Matter of Time and Distance And reality. Both my Husband and I turned out to be the footloose members of our sibling assemblies, except if you look back a generation, we've more the norm, and our siblings the oddball stay-close-to-homers. Our kids have continued, and often bettered, our example and it used... Continue Reading →

Conversions and Culture Clashes

Conversions and Culture Clashes “Ah! A balmy twenty degrees out!” He eyed the kids, grabbing for their parkas . . . “Umm, that’s almost seventy degrees for you Fahrenheit troglodytes. Beautiful day out there.” So my main audience is American, but I have readers in Europe, Japan, Australia, Canada . . . and even the... Continue Reading →

The Absolute Basics

  I was surprised by the number of people last month who were having trouble with the first step of writing—writing the whole story. So you're getting the Kindergarten level talk, in the hopes that you can spot where the problem lies. So . . . at its simplest, what is a story, after all?... Continue Reading →

Sort of a repost and sort of not

With Christmas almost upon us, I know there are folks out there like me who still have gifts to buy. So, with indulgence from Cedar, I am going to re-post the Indie Author Christmas Sale. After spending some time yesterday trying to find a book for my mother and absolutely refusing to pay $10.99 -... Continue Reading →

Halloween Sale and More

(Updated @ 1130 hrs) It’s the time of ghouls and goblins and things that go bump in the night. Halloween is one of my favorite times of year. To celebrate this year, some of the Mad Genii and friends are taking part in a limited time sale of some of their work. (Be sure to confirm the prices... Continue Reading →

Fantasy is Tough

I don’t like fantasy. You heard me. I grew up reading Tolkein, CS Lewis, Madeline L’Engle, and loving them. I remember absorbing the Pern books all out of order and visiting different libraries to try and track them down (yes, I know technically Pern isn’t magic, bear with me). I read all fourteen Oz books... Continue Reading →

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