B&N for the loss

If you want to see what a sinking corporate ship looks like, you have to look no further than Barnes & Noble. Unlike the Titanic, there is no band playing on the deck as the ship sinks. Instead, the call for "business as usual -- in the 1990's" has gone out. B&N plans to steam... Continue Reading →

The end of the Nook or the salvation?

From the very beginning, Barnes & Noble has faced an uphill battle with its Nook devices. As with the e-book market, B&N came to the e-reader market late and has been trying to play catch up with Amazon and its various incarnations of the Kindle ever since. That battle has turned into a bleeding hole... Continue Reading →

Choppy water ahead

Sometime in the last week, I came across a blog post where someone talked about going into a newly opened Barnes & Noble and how surprised they were by what they found. The store had opened in the space once occupied by a Borders, iirc, and the blogger had had high hopes for the new... Continue Reading →

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