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New Hand on the Tiller?

As the ongoing saga of Barnes and Noble continues, there was a bit of a shake-up earlier this week: CEO Demos Parneros was fired on (apparently) no notice and got no severance. Read more

Traditional publishing strikes out again

If you’ve followed this blog for long, you know I am an advocate of finding your own path when it comes to publishing. Some writers have no qualms going the indie route. They don’t shy away from having to make sure they find good editors and proofreaders, good cover designers, etc. Others would rather focus just on writing and choose to go the traditional route, whether it is with one of the larger traditional publishers or with a small press. What path you take is one only you can choose. However, it is imperative for you to keep track of what is happening in the industry so you can make an informed decision about what is best for you. Read more