One early morning during my undergraduate days, I walked into a Russian History class to find TANSTAAFL written on the board. Our professor stood in one corner of the class, watching as we staggered and lurched to our chairs and prepared for the lecture. As the other students looked at what he'd written on the board,... Continue Reading →

The Road to Indie

It would be so easy to do anther post about Hugos this morning. In fact, I considered it, especially after seeing how one of the editors posted a diatribe of sorts on the Tor site. However, since I know Kate is fisking the situation Thursday and because Dave did such a great job looking at... Continue Reading →

The howls of protest rise again

Yesterday I was trying to figure out what to blog about today. Between working hard to finish the latest work in progress, dealing with some personal stuff and the usual NRP stuff, blogging was most definitely not the most important thing on my mind. Add in an unusual amount of troll activity on by Facebook... Continue Reading →


You know, them ancient Greek fellers knew a thing or two. (So I put in a picture of my Amazon link to book I wrote about their 'knowledge'. ) Well, they knew everyone who wasn't a fellow Greek was a barbarian. And they invented this stuff called democracy, which meant one man one vote, unless... Continue Reading →

The Glamour’s Worn Thin

by Amanda S. Green I'm a little late posting this morning because I've been going round and round about what to write. Dave did such a wonderful job yesterday discussing his thoughts on Mike Shatzkin's blog about what he thinks will happen if the Department of Justice's possible antitrust investigation into Apple and five of... Continue Reading →

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