KDP Select or Not?

Yesterday, a FB friend asked whether she should set her new book up on Amazon so it could be "borrowed". The discussion turned into one a number of people were interested in -- in fact, one of the participants asked Sarah if MGC could do a post on KDP Select and Kindle Unlimited from an... Continue Reading →

What to do?

I'll admit it. I've sort of at a loss for what to write about today. It's not that I'm having trouble finding topics. It's that my must has been anything but kind of late. After spending months trying to finish Nocturnal Challenge, I've discovered two things. First, the basic outline I had for the novel... Continue Reading →

Digital Sunday

Next week, we'll begin the Pacing Workshop, lead by Sarah but assisted by some of the rest of us. In the meantime, I'm supposed to find something to blog about today. The only problem is that my brain has gone on vacation. It's mean that way. You see, it does this to me sometimes, leaving... Continue Reading →

More thoughts on Amazon

(For those looking for the next installment of The Road to Digital Publishing, it will be posted Sunday.) This past Saturday, I posted about how frustrated I have gotten with folks who lay all the blame for the problems of the publishing and bookselling industries at the feet of Amazon. In the course of the... Continue Reading →

An experiment in progress

by Amanda S. Green Last month Naked Reader Press made the decision to take one of its titles into the new KDP Select Program. For those who don't know what the Select Program is, it is basically a gamble. It allows small publishers and self-published authors to take their titles for free for a period... Continue Reading →

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