Who Is To Blame?

Today's post is a blast from the past. I've been sick as a dog for a couple of days and simply am not up to putting a post together. No, I don't have Covid. Just lousy allergies and probably a light case of something like the flu. But I'm better and am enjoying my first... Continue Reading →

Are Indies Really That Bad?

This is an updated version of a post I originally published in May 2015. It came about when, at a loss for something to blog about, I went to FB, looking for inspiration. Needless to say, it didn't take long to find something. Of course, it also raised my blood pressure and had me gnashing... Continue Reading →

Who is to blame?

Last night, I started my usual prowling through the internet, looking for a topic for today's post. Nothing resonated with me until I came across a discussion about indie authors. Even though the discussion remained civil, the disdain and condemnation was obvious. I'll admit, I had a knee-jerk reaction where I wanted to go wading... Continue Reading →

What do you want?

As I was preparing for today's post, I cam across a couple of thingsĀ I thought I'd share. The first is a perfect example of one of the problems facing traditional publishing today. The second is a post about why it's a great time -- sort of -- to go indie. Both are, in my opinion,... Continue Reading →

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