It has been quite some time since I have felt the need to rip apart someone else's blog post. Well, except when it comes to politics. Usually, I can step away from a blog I don't agree with, telling myself that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. However, yesterday my attention was... Continue Reading →

Wot ab’at the werkers?

‘Wuk, wuk, wuk. F’what? F’them’ Ok that is dredged from long-ago memory and I can’t find my copy right now. But it is appropriate to what I wanted to talk about. I’m a working writer. This is my job from which at the moment and for many years now, I have earned my and my... Continue Reading →

On Teacher’s Kids, and Hugos

Now, I was a teacher’s kid – a child at the same school my mother taught at. Teachers’ kids tend to meet other teachers’ kids. I’ve never heard any one of them have this experienced any differently, so I would guess it is pretty universal: besides, it makes sense. Authority is assumed to bias in... Continue Reading →

Inspiration and remembrance

(Sarah is off having fun in Denver at ComicCon this weekend, so I said I would fill in for her. She will be back next week.) I've been sitting here this morning, listening to the rain and trying to figure out what to write about. There is always the fall-back of the Hugos, especially after... Continue Reading →

And the tantrums continue

I'm in a quandary this morning. My head is already back into the final edits I've been doing for the last week plus on a novel that is very different from anything I've ever done before. I've been alternating between loving the work (on very rare occasions) and hating it enough that I want to... Continue Reading →

There Hugo Again

This was going to be more about the craft of writing than about the politics of writing, but then I heard that two of this year's Hugo nominees have withdrawn. Neither explicitly cited bullying, but when you read between the lines (words like "controversy" in light of the shitstorm and lies are rather telling), it's... Continue Reading →

The Genie Is Out Of The Bottle

Throughout the Hugo fracas something has stood out proud and loud as my son would say. There are a number of authors, and not just those who were supported by Sad Puppies 3 and Rabid Puppies but others as well, who are basically standing up and speaking out against the vitriol that is coming from... Continue Reading →

A Few Facts About the Hugos

I get that there are people upset about the Hugos. I even get the underlying reason why -- a reason that doesn't exactly match what they are saying. You see, this year the unbelievable, to them, happened. A group of people, of fans, rose up and voted, many of them for the first time. The... Continue Reading →

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