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Posts tagged ‘heroic actions’

The Power of the Human Spirit

I have no doubt we’ve all seen the images from Paris yesterday of Notre Dame burning. While I disagree with the opening comments from Robin Roberts this morning that we will remember where we were when we saw the spire falling, the sight of the historic cathedral engulfed in flames will remain with us. So will the image of the cross over the altar taken afterwards, with the cross seeming to glow in the smoke and dark. But it is the story I heard this morning about the men and women who volunteered to face the danger and go inside while the cathedral burned in an attempt to save the treasures still there during the renovations that caught my attention. Read more

Blast From the Past: Rescuing the Hero

Amanda has some life interference today, so I volunteered to step in with a post. And then my life interfered, so I was left with a choice this morning: post a thousand words of fiction I wrote yesterday, or a blast from the past. Since this is a writing blog, but it’s not that kind of writing blog, you get the post about heroism in fiction instead of the random words out of context. I, um, don’t remember where this was originally published. Sorry. 

I made a rash comment the other day, and a combination of ‘brainnnzzz’ due to traveling and my usual tendency to write in mental shorthand (which drives my editors crazy too) meant that my thoughts came out garbled. So I decided I’d better unpack what I meant and make it clearer. Hopefully clear enough to communicate my intent. Read more