Rude Awakening

Can I just say I'm really looking forward to school starting next month? Growing up, I always thought summer was a glorious time of play and adventure. I can't help but think I drove my parents as nuts as the Wee Horde make me. Still, I'm managing to progress on projects, which'll see write-ups elsewhere... Continue Reading →

The Long Fall

It’s Tuesday, and while that means I’m here, this Tuesday is not like other Tuesdays. My own stress is reaching a fever pitch. The Lesser Unknown is pissing me right off, and so are Wee Dave and Wee-er Dave. The usual sitter has appointments out of town, today, so my DARLING CHILDREN are spending their... Continue Reading →

In Defense of Fiction

I asked Amie Gibbons for a guest post after I saw a short thing she'd written indignantly defending fiction: "Don't tell me fiction is a waste of time. You don't learn empathy, foster imagination or a sense of wonder, or play pretend in non fiction. Those are the realm of fiction and engage the heart... Continue Reading →

Talking to the other side

And no, I don't mean dead people. I mean non-writers and writers whose usual fields aren't the ones we frequent. Why? Well, between the furor that seems to have finally died over Sarah's analysis (and anger) over a non-fiction author's assumption that fiction is easy - just making things up (and therefore more amenable to... Continue Reading →

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