What time is it, Mister Wolf…

"Wolfy, wolfy what's the time?" You all know the answer, don't you? "Dinner time!" It is (besides in playground games) probably the oldest time-mark outside of dawn and dusk. I wouldn't be surprised if the rest of horology stems directly from wanting to know how close that was. As dinner-time and 'knock-off time' were much... Continue Reading →

New Release: The East Witch

Hot off the presses, well, electrons: The East Witch is Cedar Sanderson's latest novel. Her ninth novel is set in the same world as her best selling series Pixie for Hire, but is a standalone work with unique characters. The East Witch is available through Amazon and is in Kindle Unlimited. Anna's rescue training kicked... Continue Reading →

Swords and Sorceries

I started reading Jirel of Joiry a while back, and got distracted from it - easy enough to do, as it's a series of loosely connected short stories, rather than one novel - but came back to it again as this time I needed to absorb some of the flavor of sword and sorcery for... Continue Reading →

Three Panels, One Woman

So I was on three panels at LibertyCon... Wait, you're saying, you did your AAR yesterday? Yes, I did. But the beauty of having two posts to do this in is that I can now talk about the nitty-gritty of writerly stuff that wasn't the overall con. This is more about interactions with fellow panelist... Continue Reading →

Folktales in Fantasy

So, I've been thinking a lot about using folktales in fiction, especially fantasy. I bought a CD of Songsmith, filk written to go with the novel of that title. The book was a collaboration set in Andre Norton's Witchworld, and the songs are about events in the book, or are referred to by one of... Continue Reading →

Fan Awards for… Well, everyone.

For those who, like me, would like to reward creators with awards which actually mean something, there are a couple of alternatives I'd like to suggest, and I'm sure more will be, ah, nominated, in the comments. There's the Dragon Awards, which are part of the huge convention and much more that is DragonCon. The... Continue Reading →

Making it all Up

This post is going to be a little late, and thank you for your patience - I was under the weather and although the clouds are thinning, I'm still not in sunshine. Actually, I woke up this morning and had forgotten it was Saturday, and it wasn't until I was talking with my friend that... Continue Reading →

Fantastic Journey through Time

We were talking, my First Reader and I, about what to write for you Mad Geniuses. He suggested writing about old hats. Not literal hats, although it is a lot of fun to look at costume through the ages and see how fashions have changed. But what about writing? he asked, how can you pick... Continue Reading →

Steady As She Goes

I had an epiphany today. Yes, I still have those, even at my ancient age of 36. No, senility has yet to strike. Wait, what are we talking about? Seriously, I was out mowing the lawn when I was struck by a thought. What if, an insidious voice whispered in my ear as everything else... Continue Reading →

Gah and gag and arrrrrrgh

No, it's not "Talk like a pirate day" nor am I trying to cough up a hairball. What I'm trying to do is keep from throwing my laptop across the room. Over the last few months, Dave, Sarah, Kate and I have written about the idiocy that has been happening in SFWA specifically and in... Continue Reading →

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