Movin’ on up

Maintaining a blog for any length of time requires dedication, time and determination. When Sarah and Dave started MGC years ago, it was with an entirely different cast of bloggers than we have now. Over the years, bloggers have come and gone until we settled into the crew we've got now. I think it's a... Continue Reading →

The Art of Design, Part II

I started this last week as a way of passing on the material I'd recently learned in a design class. Although much of this is quite broadly applicable, we indie authors can take it and use it for book covers, promotional materials, ads, and more. Even if we're not doing the design work, the principles... Continue Reading →

Oh those pesky ebooks

I'm going to admit right off the bat this morning that I am operating under a handicap. No, not the usual one of not enough caffeine. My beloved ROG laptop has decided to become the bane of my existence. The battery, overnight yesterday, decided not to work. Now the keyboard is lagging and, at times,... Continue Reading →

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