Cast and Character

I'd asked in the spiky book club server what topics they'd like to see me touch on in posts, and the first response was to ask about fleshing out supporting characters. Which is a good point. No one wants to wander into a book and see a bunch of cardboard cutouts propping up the joint.... Continue Reading →

The Solitary Writer

And other popular myths. I am certain that there are people who exist, and write best, firmly avoiding any contact with their fellow human. I have doubts about the kind of writing they might produce. I mean, who can write a fully developed character who isn't themselves (and no, I don't mean a Mary Sue)... Continue Reading →

What is a good book?

That seems to be the question everyone thinks they have the answer to. The truth, however, is that there is no one "correct" definition. A good book truly is in the eye of the beholder. Just as there is no one correct way to write (the process of writing), there is no one correct definition... Continue Reading →

A List of Books for Big Girls

We were talking the other day about the lack of heroes in books, and I had a stray thought. Chasing it down and pouncing on it, I realized it was a thought worth following. Oooh! This could be a list. A list of role models for young men, and also for young women, to look... Continue Reading →

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