Halloween Tricks and Treats

This Halloween brings with it the usual tricks and treats in the industry. AAP and traditional publishing is touting a fairly small increase in sales as a huge gain. In the same breath, they crow about the continued slowing of e-book sales (without admitting that slow down is only in trad sales and mainly due... Continue Reading →

Writers write and more

When I woke this morning, I had an idea for today's post but wanted to make sure I had my facts straight. So I checked several sources and came away with several things to discuss today. All are things we need to think about as writers. I know, I know. Writers just want to write.... Continue Reading →

Time to Change

Last week, a number of companies released their financial reports for the last quarter of 2016. Among those doing so was Barnes & Noble. The bookseller, that has seen a revolving door in the CEO's office over the last few years. Leonard Riggio is now back in charge, at least temporarily, and he addressed his... Continue Reading →

It’s not new.

Wow, it's been a long time since I've done a Sunday MGC post. I want to start off by thanking Brad for switching with me. Real life has been tossing me not just curve balls but has been beaning me on the head consistently. But that's not what this post is about. Life happens and I'm... Continue Reading →

Bookstores: Friend or Enemy

The other day, without meaning to, I started what could have turned into a flame war in a group I belong to. I did what so many of us have done before. I placed a link to an article I had seen referenced in the group with a note it was for future reference with... Continue Reading →

Same old excuses

As I wandered through the interwebs, looking for something to blog about this morning, I found myself checking the calendar. Had I somehow fallen through a time hole and gone back a year or two? There was an article about the Apple price fixing trial. Closer examination showed it was actually about a brief filed by... Continue Reading →

Don’t Panic, Keep Writing

All you have to do is go onto Facebook or look at any of the other social media outlets to see that the Chicken Little Syndrome is alive and well in publishing. Unfortunately, I'm not just talking about legacy publishing. There is a sense of panic in the air, much if not most of it... Continue Reading →

It’s April and where are the fools?

No, this isn't an April's Fools Day post although I had to read he basis for it twice before realizing that the person was being absolutely serious. It was yet another post bemoaning and bewailing all the "harm" Amazon has done to booksellers. This particular person is partner in an online bookstore that was begun... Continue Reading →


Earlier this week, a story appeared in one of the local papers about a husband and wife who opened and indie bookstore ten years or so ago. Owning a bookstore had been the husband's dream and, when he retired, he decided it was time to finally live his dream. So he and his wife found... Continue Reading →

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