The Madness of Bibliophilia

I'm a madwoman. I mean, you all knew that, right? You're reading this, no doubt thinking 'what's she done this time?' Well, back in April I moved myself, the Little Man (who's not so little any longer) and his Floof into a somewhat less than a thousand foot apartment. We have two beds, two baths,... Continue Reading →

Be careful

The other day, I went looking for a book to read. That's usually my reward to myself after I finish a book and make sure it launches all right. But I was about a week behind this time because my evil muse hijacked my mind and decided I needed to write something immediately and not... Continue Reading →

Fifth Friday Promo

Good morning, everyone! As we head into the weekend, I thought I'd leave you with a few suggestions for new reading material. I've either read the books listed below (or, in once case, wrote the book) or I know the author's other works and can recommend the book based on their past performance. So here... Continue Reading →

Millions of Years of Reading Material

The book, in the forms we might recognize it, has been around for a heartbeat in terms of the universe. Even now, we discuss it's demise, as we read on our e-readers, or our phones, and the shelves of paper seem so dusty and old-fashioned. Scientists come up with even newer ways to store data... Continue Reading →

Comfort books

There are times when I don’t really want something new to read, times when I feel so beaten down that all I really want is to pass my eyes over a book I love so much I’ve all but memorized it already. The last couple of weeks have been like that, as what I thought... Continue Reading →

It’s axiomatic

Real Life has been happening fast and furious around here, so I’m reposting from my blog, with a few relevant thoughts about writing added. Don’t worry: there will be no math. People will keep mis-defining axioms. To boil the definitions I’ve been seeing down to the simplest possible statement: “An axiom is a statement which... Continue Reading →

What do you want to read?

First off, I have to give a hat tip to Jason Cordova for this topic. On his FB page today, he commented that he was tired of all the stories where "the US is a fractured dystopia. You know what I want to see? A fractured dystopian world in which the last guardians of the gate is... Continue Reading →

What is a good book?

That seems to be the question everyone thinks they have the answer to. The truth, however, is that there is no one "correct" definition. A good book truly is in the eye of the beholder. Just as there is no one correct way to write (the process of writing), there is no one correct definition... Continue Reading →

Taking responsibility

MGC is usually a blog by writers about, well, writing. Or at least about the publishing industry, be it traditional or indie. Today, however, I'm going to step outside of the writer persona and into the reader and, more importantly, parent persona. You see, I saw an article linked on Facebook this morning that had... Continue Reading →

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