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That Time

There is a sense to this last week, as the year speeds to its end.  Most years, there is, of course, though it’s often submerged in the sense of rushing and getting things done for the end of the year.  Parties, friends, one last chance to see people and get gifts wrapped. That sort of thing.  This year, it feels like I’m getting things done, too, but there’s a sense of purpose to it.

I’m not — despite being a writer and therefore seeing plots and sense everywhere — in general given to seeing “It’s intended” or “meant to be” but these last two weeks might be the exception.

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Going Home

There are places I’ve forgotten.  There are people I’ve forgotten.

What’s worse, these are people and places that never existed, but which lived, strongly, in detail, in my mind.

For most of my teen years and early twenties, I lived mostly inside my mind, in these places — future worlds and parallel worlds, and places I had no rational for — and hung out with these people. Read more

Stand By

I’ve been…. temporally dislocated all day and keep thinking it’s Tuesday.

I was just reminded for the fourth time today it’s Wednesday.

I’m doing a post, truly.

Words and the Lonely Writer, part 5 – Made Up Languages.

I don’t think there’s ever been a budding linguist — even those who aren’t writers — who hasn’t tried to make up their own language. I found attempts at this dating back to when I was eleven.  And maybe it’s not just linguists but weird kids.  My husband is a mathematician and he made up a language. Older son not only tried this, but then tried to teach it to us, and yelled about grammar errors.
The attempt is probably inevitable Budding Monster Hunters burn down buildings, budding Linguists (and weird kids) make up a language.  Well… languages don’t explode anything, but self-communication while important rarely justifies a whole new language.

But depending on how you go about it, as a writer, it can make your book more difficult to read. Read more

Words And The Lonely Writer IV – COMMUNICATE!

Now we reach the part of our program in which Sarah gets testy.  Yeah, I know, that’s such a rare sight that you’re all going to be awe struck.

No, seriously.  Stop laughing.

One of the weirdest things about writers it’s that we love language, and we study it and pet it, and take it home, and call it George.  What we tend to forget is that Language is really used for ONE thing: communication. Read more

Words and the Lonely Writer III – Setting the Mood

Would you prepare for a romantic dinner at home by turning off the lights and lighting candles, maybe putting a vase of flowers in the center of the table and putting on your skimpiest dress? (Unless you’re a guy.  Though if you want to put on a skimpy dress, who am I to judge?)

Or would you prepare for that romantic dinner by scrubbing every piece of furniture with pinesol, spraying it with disinfectant, turning on every light, turning a spotlight on the table, and wearing a coveralls?  (Yes, I know there are times that– Keep it to yourself, okay?  This is generic you.) Read more

Words and the Lonely Writer II – Being Transparent

I tried to write this yesterday, but I’m having symptoms of a cold — or my body reacting to the flu vaccine (you can’t catch it from dead virus, but most symptoms are your immune system reacting, anyway) — and I thought the entire post read something like this: Never do this, unless you absolutely must do this.

That is of course, the downside of writing advice.  It’s all more or less like that, but wording is even more like that, because it requires on your sense of wording. Which some people don’t got, and even those who got can falter on.

Let’s start by defining being transparent: being transparent is telling the story in such a way that the words get out of the way and the reader immerses himself so completely in the events they become integrated as part of his experience.

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