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It’s a Cover Up I

Most indie authors have rolled, with relative ease, into hiring content editors and even copyeditors, (just don’t put either under “editor” on amazon. That editor tag on Amazon is for anthologies. You also shouldn’t put your cover artist under “illustrator.” Before I figured out that clueless authors were doing that, I passed up a bunch of books because I thought “An illustrated hard boiled mystery? Too weird for words.” That tag is there for actual illustrated books.)  or figuring our how to swap with other indies for these services (which amounts to hiring) or other more creative arrangements.

One stumbling block remains in most writers’ publication schedule: covers. Read more


Last week, my friend Brad Torgersen had a post saying “the purpose of workshops is to make it possible for you to walk away from workshops.”

I’m going to disagree with him, at least a little bit. Read more

Who Moved The Tuesday

Look, i swear I thought today was Tuesday.  I got up, thought “I need to do a post for MGC” then thought “Nah, no sweat, it’s Tuesday.”  I have no explanation for this except for being weird.

Writing a post now.  In the meantime shoot me suggestion on what you’d like me to write about.

Fighting Like Girls

Sit back and take a deep breath, people, because I’m going to say something that once got me branded various kinds of nasty and which is very controversial.

Are you ready?  Take a deep breath.

Men and women are different.  They’re different beyond the fun vive la difference. They’re different in the head, different in how they react to things. Hormones shape them from the womb, shape them even more so after puberty.

And they’re particularly different in aggregate, which is to say in groups. Read more

Managing Yourself

It used to be a joke between my husband and I, when I started writing full time.  He’d come home, find me particularly cross and ask if it was a rough day at the office, and if the characters had refused to obey.

He did not know it wasn’t as much of a joke as he thought, nor, to be fair, did I.  Nor that the problem wasn’t so much the characters but the employee of my own, self owned business.

Much is said about how to “behave like a business person” but very few people tell you how to be a business. Read more

Doors and Entrance

It has been much on my mind this week, what with one thing and another, mentions of old stuff on my blog, and explaining to a friend about how ways of breaking in have changed over time.

You see, publishing has never had just one door and just one career path.  Coming in as I did from completely outside, with no contacts to the publishing industry was almost unheard of in my time.  I had a heck of a time finding what was the way in at that time. Because it changes. Biographies of published authors and other available material were out of date and useless. Read more

The Demons of Critique Groups – Addendum to Novel Workshop – A Blast From The Past From December 2014

*Sorry to do a blast from the past, but not only am I on the homestretch of an overdue novel, but I woke up really late and I have a doctor’s appointment.  But this is old enough you might not remember it, and it sort of ties in with Amanda’s thing. – SAH*

Now, these can be a problem in short stories too, but some of them are rather specific to novels, and if you’re a first time novel writer and find a writer group for guidance, they’ll eat you alive.

I could give you a list of ten, but I figure it will do nothing, because to counter the poison, you need to know why it’s a poison, and that it in fact has nothing to do with your novel. Read more