>e-books, upcoming and present

>Given that no one (big publishers, little publishers, individuals, stray elephants) has really mastered the internet equivalent of paying for a big fat book dump at the checkout counter, or paying for end displays, or massive print and distribution strategies to put the book in front of buyers in ever bookstore, etc or any of... Continue Reading →

>Catching Waves

>Hi, everyone. It's good to be back at MGC after a nice Easter break.Thanks to Amanda for running a great Friday slot! And plugging my upcoming novella in the Yos universe - Flight of the Phoenix - which is coming from Naked Reader in May:)We took the whole family and the dog up to Currimundi... Continue Reading →

>Why I don’t interview my characters

>The scene: a more or less anonymous location somewhere in the dark recesses of my mind. I'm looking more than a little bit frazzled. My interviewee, on the other hand, is quite relaxed. Note to self. Never do one of these when your character is more composed and at-home than you are.Me: So, what next?... Continue Reading →

>The Writer Answers

>*Sorry about this, most of the post seems to have got cut SOMEHOW when this first went up. So, let's do this properly this time.*Partly because I wasn’t sure what to write about, and partly because I think we keep trying to do articles on specialized points while there is a vast under-store of ignorance... Continue Reading →

>The Fun Side of Writing

>We writers spend so much of our time, working away in a back room somewhere for years to produce the books we love. Then comes the day when we get a contract and ... gosh ... a cover!Here's a sneak preview of one of the covers for The Outcast Chronicles. The is the front and... Continue Reading →

>Input and changes…

>So my week has had a couple of interesting developments (Besides watching Kris Rusch's blog with... interest. The potential shakeout from this could be a whimper. Could be. Or it could be the first domino. Interesting time to be in this this business.) Firstly I've been asked for input into my covers for CUTTLEFISH and... Continue Reading →

>Controversies and a Squee

>Let me start by wishing everyone who celebrates it a Happy Easter this Sunday morning. Be safe and enjoy family and friends.Now down to business. This week has seen a couple of controversies in the world of publishing. The first began last Sunday night with the 60 Minutes broadcast. One of the stories centered on... Continue Reading →

>On with the motley

>In other words, I can't be trusted to remember when it's my week, and my reminder service glitched. So instead of a nice, planned out post, I'm winging it. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.Anyway... Impaler moves closer to the dead tree edition. It should be there Real Soon Now - watch for the deafening... Continue Reading →

>Friday Morning Prompt

>Good morning, everyone. Chris is away today and left me in charge....bwahahahahaha. I thought we might do something a bit different today since we had an open thread not too long ago. So I talked with Sarah for a bit yesterday and she came up with an exercise for us. Well, an exercise and a... Continue Reading →

>Writing the Magic Moment

>The first time the Magic Moment became clear to me wasn't a book: it was an opera. Les Miserables, in the original Sydney production, which was very closely based on the original London production. Since a Magic Moment is a lot easier to describe by example than definition (it tends to be one of those... Continue Reading →

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