>Female Characters as Leads …

>My latest trilogy The Outcast Chronicles has two strong female leads (and two males). In these books I play around with our prejudices about male-female roles, while telling a rollicking tale because I love a good story.It got me thinking about female characters, specifically female leads. Here Jennifer Kesler talks about female leads in movies.... Continue Reading →

>"You can’t do that."

>Firstly, forget about the all the political implications of the words ‘liberal'or ‘conservative'. After a lifetime of looking at it I have concluded that in political terms they are nearly as accurate in conveying true meaning as the words "People's Liberation Army". Anyway, I am not talking about politics, I am talking about books and... Continue Reading →

>Superbowl Sunday

>Finally! I woke to temperatures that didn't fall below freezing last night. There are only a few patches of ice and snow in the shadows instead of the solid sheet of one inch thick ice covered with several inches of snow. I can venture out to get my morning paper without fear of slipping and... Continue Reading →

>What’s In a Name?

>Plotting a new novel recently I have come across a familiar phenomenon. I'm working away on the plot, then move on to fleshing out a particular character, or describing that particular character's backstory or role in the plot.Slam. Dead stop.I need the name.If I cannot get a name that works for me for that character... Continue Reading →

>The Allure of Evil

> p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } (This is the first of a three-part set of posts. Tomorrow part 2 will be posted at The Naked Truth blog, and part 3 will be posted at my site on Saturday. Blame Amanda. She asked me to write about Impaler and why I wrote it, and this is... Continue Reading →

>Teaching and Learning

>Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about education, something that is eventually going to find its way to my blog, though probably not at Mad Genius.I was thinking how for the first time I disagreed with Terry Pratchett’s “overt nudge” at the end of I Shall Wear Midnight. Oh, not on the idea that the... Continue Reading →

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