>Reading Lists and the Little Man

>At various times I have compiled reading lists, things that I ‘really should read’. These would vary from either literary classics that my science-based education and subsequent busy life have never given me the time to read, to the latest shortlisted books and stories from local and international awards . Now, I’ve compiled plenty of... Continue Reading →

>Making the Foreign Familiar

>One of the more interesting challenges I faced when I was writing Impaler is something that tends to happen to anyone writing historical fiction - although fantasy and science fiction suffer from it to a lesser extent. Basically, people have a tendency to assume that other times and places, real or imagined, are pretty much... Continue Reading →

>A Myth of Humanity

>*I am not actually late with this post. Okay, I am, but the reason is that, being rather sick, by nighttime I'm stumbling around in a fog, which means that I posted this not on MGC but on an OLD abandonned blog of mine on blogspot. ARGH*Lately, partly because I’ve been trying to kick off... Continue Reading →

>Killing off Characters

>I came across this post by Jennifer Fallon, the fantasy writer who runs the Reynox Writers Centre, on different ways to kill off your characters. They're all so good I had trouble deciding which were my favourites. Here's a couple:Energy weapons. Useful because they can also be set to stun and apparently nobody ever has... Continue Reading →

>The Week in the News

>Sorry I'm a little late getting today's post up. I didn't write it yesterday because I wanted to see the latest headlines before deciding on the day's topics.First, I want to brag on my hometown. Another reason I didn't write the blog yesterday was because I spent most of the day at our new library's... Continue Reading →

>Welcome to Yos!

>My first novel, The Calvanni, is an heroic fantasy adventure set on the world of Yos.The book is no doubt heavily influenced by David Gemmell, my all time favourite writer.To the left is a map of the continent of Kelas, where all the action in The Calvanni takes place.On Yos all metal is magical. Weapons... Continue Reading →

>How Much Description?

>Just for something different I decided to start a SF novel last week, this time without much more than the central concept and ideas for the two main characters. This is quite a departure for me as I usually plot things out well in advance and also spend a lot of time on backstory. The... Continue Reading →

>Let’s Talk About Sex

>Rowena's and Sarah's posts brought up some interesting points about gender, sex and culture - no, not those points - and started me thinking. Those who haven't already run screaming may wish to stay to find out what I'm thinking about.See, there are a whole lot of misconceptions about the differences between human male and... Continue Reading →

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