>The key to any story is the motivation of the characters. However, something that happened recently in Britain reminded me that people are not rational and may have quite unreal, self defeating and contradictory motivations.The Home Secratary, under the prodding of our Prime Minister, Bonkers Brown, just fired the Chairman of the Government Scientific Advisory... Continue Reading →

>Primordial Soup

>Just as Rowena talked about the different ways that we writers stay inspired, there are no doubt myriad ways in which we all first approached the Muse.What was the writer's ‘Primordial Soup’? Were you drawn by the prose itself? Did it sing in your head? Did sentences appear before you written in fiery letters?Or was... Continue Reading →

>These Boots Are Made For Kicking

>So you want to write short stories. Or you don’t. Couldn’t care less. It is my considered opinion – and as everyone here knows I am a moderate and ponderous sort of person, mild-mannered and calm – that all of you need to write a lot more short stories, so you can submit it and... Continue Reading →

>Mad Genius Monday

>Since Dave is being hammered by all the things that need to be done following his mother's passing, he will not be posting today.Instead, the Mad Geniuses have opened the lab. Step carefully, mind the strange bubbling stuff over there (no, don't drink it!) and have fun. We take no responsibility for any strange ideas... Continue Reading →

>It’s Magic!

>Thursday, Kate talked about world building and some of the issues it raises in science fiction and fantasy. Her post started me thinking about a question raised in my local critique group this past weekend. Specifically, a couple of the new writers in our group wanted to know how you make magic a part of... Continue Reading →

>Some types of literary genre are inalienably linked with a culture or nationality. For example, the ‘western’ is an art form always set in the American west. There is no absolute reason why this should be so. Westerns could be set on the frontier of any expanding empire be it Rome, Russia or Britain, but... Continue Reading →

>Our Deepest Sympathies

>go out to our own Dave Freer and his family. Dave's mum passed away earlier today. Here's what Dave had to say on Twitter:Out bright candle. My mother has died. Posts may be erratic and bleak. She wa a few days short of 93, had lived a life worth living.Dave, our thoughts and prayers are... Continue Reading →

>Tales of the Old Country

>I was wandering around town last week, and as often happens, my feet took me down Charlotte St to one of my favourite haunts, Gilhooleys pub. As I relaxed at the bar, preparing myself to meditate over a pint of Guinness, I suddenly recognized Duncan, a distant cousin of mine from the old country. Usually... Continue Reading →

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