>Here's some of my photo inspiration for the Shallow Sea book that I'm rewriting.Originally I had three first person VPs, but my ROR colleagues felt they weren't differentiated enough. The reason I'd used first person was because I had invented a person called a Twisted, who was small and genderless. I wanted to tell one... Continue Reading →

>There is always an exception

>Jetlagged and zomboid I'm back from the US and Lunacon. Cons are a poor excercise in marketing and a great one in networking. I've been clearing my inbox and following - on one of the lists I am part of - the ardent efforts of some sensible writers to persuade an ardent young man that,... Continue Reading →

>Storming Hell

>The short story is supposed to be a dead art form but somehow it staggers on in SF & F.I have always been a keen fan of reading short stories. I also enjoy writing them. It is a different skill to writing a novel. You learn to be concise and well planned. You don't have... Continue Reading →

>But how do I start writing? — part two

>By Jennifer StevensonOkay, say you’re one of those people so unlike me that you are painfully humble. You think nobody listens to you now, so why should they read what you write? You think you have no contribution to make to anything, not even the world of trashy entertainment, where I myself am struggling to... Continue Reading →


>Just a quick note to say Sarah is on vacation, recovering from kidnapping Dave Freer. She'll return next week with all the news.

>World Building

>I have to run a workshop for the Australian National Romance Conference on World Building for paranormal, fantasy and futuristic writers. The thing about World Building is that if you do it really well, people don't notice it. The World Building goes on behind the scenes and motivates the characters.So I've decided rather than create... Continue Reading →


>For those who might be wondering where Dave is today, he was kidnapped after his Guest of Honor duties at Lunacon were over. The culprits? A family by the name of Hoyt -- Specifically, MGC's own Sarah A. Hoyt and her family. They do promise to return him in time for his next post. Until... Continue Reading →


>by Jennifer StevensonHel is an energy vampire. She has joined roller derby because skating counter-clockwise with twenty women generates extra prana, and so she doesn't have to suck the life out of innocent people. Which is why her derby name is Sump Pump. This is from chapter 13. At roller derby practice that night I... Continue Reading →

>The dreaded second novel

>I am currently employed writing my second novel, and we all know the curse of the second novel. Many great writers, among whose company I cannot be included, have come to grief at this point in their careers. I came across a fascinating list of disappointing second novel s that followed bestsellers, while perusing the... Continue Reading →

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