Making Traditions

Tradition is an interesting way to give a reader grounding into a world that doesn't exist outside the author's head. Well, didn't until the author chose to share it with the reader. You don't even have to fully explain traditions, most of the time. For one thing, certain traditions will resonate with your reader. Others?... Continue Reading →

Everyone Eats

There's a trick to grinding spices in the mortar with a pestle. You don't actually want to use much pressure, at least not with marble, which is what I am using. Just let the weight of the pestle do the work, and rub downward into the bowl. Every so often I tip the mortar a... Continue Reading →

World Building from Scratch: Cultures

Blogger note: I'm away from my computer this week, so I can't quickly release comments from moderation or answer questions. I apologize for any delays. So, what sort of society would your world have? What sort of economy is needed to support your interstellar empire? Or your fantasy world? Does your character believe in a... Continue Reading →

Yesterday I Did Not Write

I had been writing every day this month. Not a lot, some days. Looking at my tracking, I've ranged from 12 words, up to 3989 just a couple of days ago. Mostly, though, it's been two-digit days. Last night? My day went from a good day, wrapping up the week with getting away from work... Continue Reading →

Liquid Commodities In Time

"This is an instrument that has been asleep for almost 2,000 years, but all you have to do to awaken an instrument is to have an idea. Musical instruments are to express human ideas. Therefore, the reconstruction of a musical instrument is in a class utterly different to the reconstruction of any other archeological object.... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: Casting a Spell

I asked Rob if he would be willing to do a guest post for us, as he has a recently released book I wanted to help him promote. I also wanted his post because he's a professional historian and a fascinating conversationalist and writes at a dedicated level that... well, you'll see. I’m going to... Continue Reading →

Assumptions and Misunderstandings

I stumbled across something earlier this week and immediately thought, ooh! I can use this for research! My second thought was something else, though. The article on social media had trumpeted that a grave was excavated containing 'Three Amazon Warrior Women' to paraphrase the headline. There was a grave. In Russia. And it had been... Continue Reading →

Random Stuff

I've been asked, since I do art, if I do fantasy maps. Er... no. Honestly, I've never really tried. Mapmaking looks cool, but doesn't spark my imagination the way drawing a dragon does. For my Mom, it's always been all about designing buildings, especially houses. She used to spend hours designing energy-efficient, flowing use-space houses,... Continue Reading →

Asking Questions

I’m feeling better, but the fiction is still not playing. I spend a lot of time dealing with the Wee Horde’s needs, even when they’re in school. Errands still need running, food still needs cooking, and the gears of domesticity continue to grind. I’m not the hugest fan, meself. And I’m feeling a bit ground.... Continue Reading →

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