Pen names – do you or don’t you?

Those of you who have followed my posts on Mad Genius Club, know that I’m one of those writers who got started rather late in life. It’s not that I wasn’t writing. I’ve written stories for as long as I’ve known how to write.  If it weren’t for Sarah, I’d probably still be happily writing... Continue Reading →

Filling in . . .

Let me start by letting you know that I received an SOS from Amanda earlier this morning. There was something about it being morning, no coffee and and a raging headache. Let's just say she wasn't a happy camper. So, since I happened to be up -- sort of -- and, as she said, looking... Continue Reading →

When stories run amuk

by Ellie Ferguson Let me start by thanking Sarah for asking me to blog today. She's had to listen to me almost as much as Amanda and Kate have as I've angsted over my last two books. Hunted, the first book in my new Hunter's Moon series, wasn't a book I ever meant to write.... Continue Reading →

An experiment in progress

by Amanda S. Green Last month Naked Reader Press made the decision to take one of its titles into the new KDP Select Program. For those who don't know what the Select Program is, it is basically a gamble. It allows small publishers and self-published authors to take their titles for free for a period... Continue Reading →

Guest Post — Ellie Ferguson

by Ellie Ferguson Hi, guys.  I'm back.  Like a bad penny, I keep turning up.  But don't blame me.  Blame Amanda and the other folks at Naked Reader Press who think it's important that I blog.  You see, I'd much rather be hiding at my desk, happily writing my next book.  Social media scares me. ... Continue Reading →

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