Danger, Danger

Sorry this is a bit late, but WP was being picky this morning and not letting me in. Anyway, this is another of those posts where we get to discuss the ways some folks do their best to take money from writers instead of giving them money. So let's start with the mantra we should... Continue Reading →

Writers write and more

When I woke this morning, I had an idea for today's post but wanted to make sure I had my facts straight. So I checked several sources and came away with several things to discuss today. All are things we need to think about as writers. I know, I know. Writers just want to write.... Continue Reading →

Reality Bites

Preparing for today's post, I did my usual wading around the internet in search of anything that might strike my fancy. There was John Legend telling us if we didn't want to listen (or read or watch or whatever) "art" by liberal artists then we would have a great deal less "art" to enjoy. There... Continue Reading →

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