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It's easier, I think, to write a novel than it is to write a short story. It's easier to write a short than it is to write flash fiction. The hardest, possibly, is to write a fully-formed tale, evocative, in a mere fifty words. Want to take us up on that challenge? Kortnee Bryant, who... Continue Reading →

The Short and Long of It

A friend and fellow writer made an offhand comment in the writing/accountability group we both belong to, as he was talking about his writing progress. Short stories are harder than novels, he said. I wholeheartedly agreed with him. I've had repeated attempts at shorts derail themselves in an attempt to go long, very long. Writing... Continue Reading →

New Release: The Violet Mouse

Hot off the presses by Cedar Sanderson... Wait a minute. There are no presses. Only electrons. Hot electrons! Gittem here! The Violet Mouse is a bleeding edge Hard SF story that is more about the human nature and how that will always dictate what we do with our discoveries. And then, the unknown. Sometimes things... Continue Reading →

What Colors are Your Worlds?

Description is vital to world building. You need some setting, at least a quick sketch to show readers where your characters are and what's happening. How characters describe their surroundings can also be a clue as to something unusual.  Does the protagonist focus on smell over color (Rada Ni Drako?) Do they focus on the... Continue Reading →

Relationships and Anthologies

I got involved in a conversation over on a friend's social media this week. He'd referenced a memory, and commented that it had been 8 years since he'd been published in these anthologies, and he'd never seen any money from it. No upfront payments, no royalties, nothing. Now, it's not that Jason Cordova is a... Continue Reading →

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