My run up to Christmas (which, as Barbs and I are on Ambo call, is going to be a low-profile day.) has been a quiet one. I am way behind on mince-pies. My kids are elsewhere for Christmas, and I'd rather the day was enjoyed to the full by those who are surrounded by family... Continue Reading →

The First Rule of Holes

"Stop Digging!" Which is great if you are a real person, but there are times when you need a character to keep digging. Or when a character is bound and determined to keep digging no matter what you, the mere author, want. So, do you wince and wait to see how bad it's going to... Continue Reading →

The Erogenous Zone

Most romance writers these days - or their editors, trolling (that was a typo from telling, but I'm leaving it!) them to write what sells - are under the impression that they know where all the erogenous zones are, and they march through the checklist with their characters to steam their work up. While I... Continue Reading →

Trendy Trendsetters, All

There are trends, and then there are trends. Look at it this way: you could be trendy and buy jeans with fake dirt on them, for $425. Frankly, I raised an eyebrow when I first saw this go viral, because it's an interesting psychological study. We are, culturally, fetishizing the working man. Think about it.... Continue Reading →

Writing a Love Story

What is love? Since I can't possibly answer that simple question fully in the constraints of the post, I'll satisfy myself with keeping it short: Love is wanting only the best for the one that is loved with no expectation of anything in return. Not enough? No, it really isn't, is it. Let me try... Continue Reading →

A Newbies Guide to Romance

Ah, romance. Everyone thinks something different when they hear it, and especially when you are talking about the literary genre called Romance. For one thing, it can be argued that tales as far back as Sir Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe were romances, as in the romanticized tales of action and adventure, in which the guy always... Continue Reading →

Romantic men, part II

The title of my last piece got me thinking. Yes, I know, you could smell the wood burning so you knew the grate brain was turning over. I am sure other people still have wood-fired boilers powering their steam-driven brains too. It struck me, that, based on the popularity Downton Abbey, what women really wanted... Continue Reading →

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