Taking responsibility

MGC is usually a blog by writers about, well, writing. Or at least about the publishing industry, be it traditional or indie. Today, however, I'm going to step outside of the writer persona and into the reader and, more importantly, parent persona. You see, I saw an article linked on Facebook this morning that had... Continue Reading →

Walking the tightrope

There's a tightrope every author walks these days, whether they admit it or not. It's not new. It is probably as old as that first storyteller sitting around the fire entertaining the family or tribe. It is that line between entertainment and message and how much of one spoils the other. It is an issue... Continue Reading →

What Goes in…

A while back I'd gotten a question, I replied quickly, because I have no time these days to make lengthy, well-reasoned responses happen, and I moved on. But it came back to me today, when I was sitting here staring at the blinking cursor for an inordinate amount of time, trying to think of what... Continue Reading →


Sarah is questing for caffeine, and will put up her post in a couple of hours. Until then, feel free to get friendly in the comment section. But not too friendly‚Ķ I'm watching all you rowdies!  

Reading will help your writing

Something's come up several times during the last twenty four hours that has me shaking my head -- again. It's not something new. I've written about it before and I think Sarah has. That doesn't make it any less of a head scratcher when I see it, especially when I see it taken to the... Continue Reading →

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