More on the Hydra – SFWA kerfluffle

Back when Random House announced it was starting several new digital only imprints, I greeted the news with more than a hint of skepticism. I'll admit that the main reason was because I haven't been impressed with how RH --  or any of the other so-called Big 6 for that matter --  has handled the... Continue Reading →

Random Penguin

Last week I received an email from a friend -- hi, Taylor! -- who asked if I'd seen what was heating up the twitter feeds from a lot of folks in publishing. That was the first I'd heard about the possible merger between Random House and Penguin. I read the initial articles and then read... Continue Reading →

If it’s Tuesday. . .

This weekend was my first vacation in a long time. Three days without trying to write, edit, read slush, etc. What I quickly discovered was that I needed the time off--badly. Even when I've supposedly taken time off the last few years, I've always had the laptop with me and that means I still tried... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Thoughts

by Amanda S. Green For the past week, I've been pretty vocal about my feelings about the Amazon v. IPG dust-up, Random House's huge increase in the price of e-books for libraries and the double standard some authors have when it comes to Barnes & Noble v. Amazon. What these three issues are indicative of... Continue Reading →

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