I'm currently working on two. One will be released to the wilding readers mid-month, and the other had a deadline for story submission of the end of September. I'm changing that. I've been overwhelmed for most of this year, and when I took these two projects on, I was only a little overwhelmed. Well, in... Continue Reading →

Big Boy Panties

I literally had┬ánothing┬áto write about up until five minutes ago. Fortunately, this is the Internet, and there is always someone who is wrong on the Internet. One of the things that has shown up on the Internets lately is something I'd like to call "I can't handle words on a screen because I forgot to... Continue Reading →

Putting the “D” in

When do we add the "D" to the PTS? Author's note: I wrote this paper for my abnormal psychology class last year. My professor told me I should publish it. I don't think this is what he meant, but in light of Sarah's post yesterday, and my own review of a book that aggravated me... Continue Reading →

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