It’s not your ancestor’s Vellum

Brad asked me to fill in for him this morning, so I thought I'd continue the formatting and publishing series I started last month. In this post, I mentioned a Mac-only program a friend used that I'd downloaded and would review later. That program, Vellum, isn't cheap. But, having played with it enough to be... Continue Reading →

Formatting for Print

A couple of weeks ago, I started a series on formatting. You can find the posts here and here. I promised to come back and do a post on how to format your interior file for print versions as well. That's what today's post is going to be about. As we start out, I'm going... Continue Reading →

Print isn’t dead but neither is digital

Dave's post yesterday was a wonderful image of what publishing could -- and should -- be. That's especially true if it wants to make an aggressive step to stop the financial bleeding most major publishing houses are suffering from right now. Unfortunately, it was only an April Fools Day post and not reality. This is... Continue Reading →

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